BroadFutures Intern Obligations & Policies

These policies are guidelines for our interns and common to many internship and gap year programs. If you have questions regarding these policies, please contact us.

Attendance Policy: If there are any concerns about attendance during the program, BroadFutures staff must be made aware of the concern as soon as it arises. 

  • Interns are required to attend all training days including the two weeks of training prior to the start of their internship and every Friday through the end of the program.
  • Interns are required to work a minimum of 5 hours a day Monday through Thursday. Fridays are reserved for our ongoing training.
  • If an intern is late for work, they are expected to stay the equivalent amount of extra time after their work day typically ends.
  • Absences should be limited to emergencies. It is the intern’s responsibility to notify their supervisor and mentor if they will be absent or late. Notification must be timely. Interns are not paid for days they are absent.

Professional Behavior Expectations: 

  • Be an active, engaged, and responsible participant throughout the entirety of the BroadFutures program.
  • Be a positive ambassador for BroadFutures.
  • Be flexible and willing to step out of your comfort zone. 
  • Dress appropriately and maintain proper hygiene at all times during the program.
  • Cooperate and communicate with BroadFutures staff and your internship supervisor regularly and in a timely and professional manner.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor throughout the BroadFutures program. 
  • Perform all duties as directed by the employer & respond respectfully and effectively to feedback from employers and co-workers. 
  • Be on time and attend all program requirements, including internship, BroadFutures’ training, and mentor and program check-ins.
  • Be honest. Mentors are there to support you and be non-judgmental, however, assistance can only be provided if you are forthcoming and honest about the situation.
  • Mentors are a part of your professional support system, not part of your social group.  When communicating with your mentor, discussions should be kept professional in nature. 
  • Interns should be mindful of the hours and days when they are contacting their mentors and/or other BroadFutures staff. Business hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm EDT. 
  • Refrain from accepting or requesting connections, friend requests, or follow requests on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram from BroadFutures staff during the program. This applies to current and past staff. The only exception is the professional platform of LinkedIn.
  • Following the program, refrain from connecting with BroadFutures staff members and mentors on any non-professional social media. You are free to email them with any professional requests or updates if needed. 
  • Know who to contact. If you need assistance beyond that which your mentor can provide, contact your coach. If you are unsure, ask your mentor to guide you to the right person. 
  • All interns are expected to abide by the local laws of The DC Metropolitan area, including the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia as well as national laws. 
  • Refrain from additional activities or second jobs that compromise your ability to function in the internship and BroadFutures training.
  • Refrain from engaging in romantic and/or sexual relationships of any kind with other interns and staff in the program. 
  • Report sexual misconduct by other students in the program, or staff members.
    • This includes, but is not limited to, reporting sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and unwanted sexual advances by other students in the program or by staff members, towards you, towards other students in the program, or towards staff.
  • Do not utilize the following modes of transportation, or related modes, while in the program: motorcycles; ATVs; and quads. 
  • Be responsible for your own medication, if applicable. BroadFutures staff is not permitted to administer medication, so you must be able to take ownership of acquiring and administering medication.
  • Figure out when you will run out of your medication and make a note of when you will need to refill the prescription.
  • As a program, we strongly advise that students do not remove or titrate themselves off of prescription medication that they are taking when they enter the program without consulting a licensed physician.  
  • Have an active role in the self-governance of your own program—take charge of your own experience through self-advocating and utilizing available BroadFutures resources.

What is required as an Intern for the BroadFutures program?

  • A cell phone to receive text messages and communication with BroadFutures staff
  • An active email account
  • A laptop or tablet with keyboard and a camera with ability to access Zoom/Google Meet and regularly access email, at least twice a day
  • Means of reliable transportation (public or private)
  • Professional attire
  • A positive attitude and willingness to learn! 

Program Participant Probation & Termination Policy:

BroadFutures will place a program participant on probation if the program participant fails to fulfill BroadFutures Program requirements that include the circumstances below. If the behavior or activities persist, the participant may be terminated from the program. Such circumstances include:

  • Unexcused absences from BroadFutures training and internships.
  • Failure to attend mentor check-in meetings or to reschedule such meetings.
  • Repeated late arrival to training, mentor meetings, or internships.

The following behaviors could result in immediate termination from the BroadFutures program:

  • Sexual assault, bullying or harassment (verbal or physical) of a fellow program participant, BroadFutures staff member, or employees at their internship site.
  • Intentional physical injury, harm, or intimidation of a fellow program participant, BroadFutures staff member or employees at their internship site.
  • Violation of the BroadFutures alcohol and drug policy while attending BroadFutures programming.
  • Making other program participants during BroadFutures programming or employees at their internship site feel unsafe by using:
    • Evocative language that is harassing, abusive or intended to incite violence towards any persons’ identity.

If any of these instances occur, they must be brought to the attention of a BroadFutures staff member within the same day that they occurred. Such instances must be documented privately and brought to the attention of management immediately.  The documentation will indicate the program participant’s name, concerning behavior(s) and approximate frequency. If a program participant is put on probation, the participant along with their parent(s) will be contacted directly by management and made aware of the situation as well as any possible consequences.