Intern Obligations

Intern Policies:

  • Be an active, engaged, and responsible participant in the BroadFutures program,
  • including the training and the internship.
  • Attend and be on time for all training days, BroadFutures’ events, and work days.
  • Dress appropriately and maintain proper hygiene at all times.
  • Cooperate and communicate with BroadFutures staff regularly.
  • Engage in professional communications and demeanor in the workplace.
  • Perform all duties as directed by employer & respond respectfully and effectively to feedback from employers and co-workers.
  • Refrain from additional activities or second jobs that compromise ability to function in internship.
  • Refrain from engaging in romantic and/or sexual relationships of any kind with other students in the program or with staff.
  • Be a positive ambassador for BroadFutures.
  • Be flexible and willing to step out of your comfort zones.
  • Do not engage in any illegal behavior, including but not limited to the use of drugs and alcohol while participating in the program. Abide by all local and national laws.
  • Report sexual misconduct by other students in the program or staff members.
  • Be honest. Mentors are there to support you and be non-judgmental, but assistance can only be provided if you are forthcoming about the situation.
  • Be responsible for your own medication, if applicable. BroadFutures staff members are not permitted to administer medication, so you must be able to take ownership of acquiring and administering medication.
  • Do not utilize motorcycles, ATVs, or quads while in the program.

Disciplinary Process:

As an organizational policy, BroadFutures typically follows the three-strike rule for a disciplinary plan. After the accumulation of three strikes and the consideration of the severity of the infraction(s), an intern may be dismissed and terminated from participation in the program as well as their internship.

Though the three-strike rule is the guideline, infractions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by staff. Violations of more serious rules such as engaging in illegal behavior, for example, may result in immediate termination regardless of the three-strike rule.

Cases for Termination from Program:

All cases regarding potential termination of a student from the program will be evaluated thoroughly on an individual basis by staff. However, certain cases may be at a higher risk of termination:

  • If a student commits a series of three infractions against program policy or a serious infraction that requires a bypass of the three-strike rule.
  • If a student is experiencing severe physical and/or mental health issues that are beyond the scope of our program and are impacting their health, wellbeing, and ability to navigate the workplace.
  • If a student is endangering themselves or other individuals associated with BroadFutures.

As an organization, we expect students to disclose to staff medications that they are on as well as any therapies they are participating in. We are not a therapeutic program and do not have the staff to assist students who have long-term therapeutic need. However, if requested, we can make recommendations or referrals to mental health professionals. While we will provide the resources that are at our disposal, in some cases, it might be in the best interest of all parties to terminate the relationship.