May Newsletter (2018)

Celebrating the Graduation of our 8th Cohort …
And getting ready for our Expansion this summer!!!

2018 Winter Interns and their parents

A Huge Thanks to all who made our 
Winter Program so Successful

We are so grateful to our fabulous employer partners, staff, families, donors, and of course, our BroadFutures interns for helping us conclude our incredibly successful winter program. We cannot believe how fast the time went, and are so impressed with the equally fast growth that we saw from our interns!!

At our interns’ final presentations,  we celebrated their successful completion of the  program and recognized our employer partners for all of their outstanding support. We are so proud of all our interns, so grateful to our amazing employer partners, and equally indebted to the support of our families and staff. We feel very fortunate to have such an incredible community supporting us!!!

BroadFutures is GROWING…. 
Expansion is happening  this summer.

BroadFutures is in its 4th year of programming, and soon to celebrate our 5th year of incorporation!!!!  A s a fast growing young non-profit, we are THRILLED to announce that we will be doubling our cohort size this summer, and adding another class of interns!!!!!!!!!!  

We will be WELCOMING MORE THAN 30 interns and ADDING 10 new employer partners to our ever growing group of inspired employers who recognize the benefits of a diverse workforce and the excellence of our program in consistently sourcing highly talented, prepared young adults for internship positions.

Stay tuned… as later this month we will have a snapshot of our new employer partners and our incoming cohort.
Welcoming our New Program Director, Amanda Lindsell

We are thrilled to welcome our new addition to the BroadFutures staff!, Amanda Lindsell!! Amanda has joined us as our new Program Director and is excited to be helping us to welcom our 9th cohort this summer.
Amanda is a passionate and experienced Vocational Counselor and non-profit  administrator who believes strongly in the benefits of a diverse workforce. She is excited  to bring her wealt h of knowledge in disability employment to BroadFutures. 

Prior to  joining BroadFutures, Amanda served as Program Coordinator at the Jewish Social  Service Agency (JSSA), where she helped to launch a state-of-the-art employment  program that focused on integrative, competitive employment for individuals with a  variety of disabilities. Within the first two years of her tenure, job placement rose by  450% and record numbers of individuals were placed in full-time employment. During  her time with JSSA, Amanda was also responsible for overseeing the Developmental  Disability Administration program and launching the Pre-Employment Transition  Services program. Additionally, Amanda provided one-on-one career exploration, career  counseling and placement for individuals with Learning Disabilities and Autism  Spectrum Disorder. Prior to her employment with JSSA, Amanda worked at  The Outcomes Service at The Treatment and Learning Centers, providing job  development, placement, coaching and case management to individuals with  disabilities.  Amanda received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland,  Baltimore County. She is a D.C. area native, enjoys traveling the world with her family,  and speaks Spanish.
Employer Spotlight: Atlas Corps

Intern Joshua with Atlas Corps Supervisor, Cal 
This month we are proud to honor and welcome back Atlas Corps as one of our dedicated employer partners.  Atlas Service Corps, or “Atlas Corps,” is an international network compiled of nonprofit leaders and organizations known as a “best practice” in international exchange and a model social entrepreneurship program. Atlas core is committed to addressing critical social issues by developing leaders, strengthening organizations, and promoting innovation through an overseas fellowship of skilled nonprofit professionals.                                     

We were excited to partner with Atlas Corps for the first time during our Summer 2017 program, via recommendation from our own Atlas fellow, Nyasha Chibanda. Atlas Corps’ CEO welcomed one of our interns into his own office, where he was able to assist Atlas Corps in campaigning on global expansion, drafting grant proposals, and constructing a new website design. The internship was so successful, that they extended  the internship into the fall of 2017. We were grateful to partner with Atlas Corps again for our Winter 2018 program and look forward to our ongoing partnership this summer!!  

Atlas Corps understands the value proposition in partnering with BroadFutures, the talents of those that we serve, and is deeply committed to our mission. ….. 

“BroadFutures has provided excellent interns that had a clear passion and interest for their role at Atlas Corps and were well supported throughout their internship placement. Both BroadFutures interns had an impact on Atlas Corps. The biggest difference between BroadFutures and other intern placements, is that we had the support of BroadFutures helping interns set professional development goals that align to their Atlas Corps placement. BroadFutures interns align their individual goals to our organizational needs making for purposeful matches.” -Callum Lindsay-Field, Executive Assistant to CEO 

THANK YOU Atlas Corps!  

Find out more about Atlas Corps HERE
Intern Spotlight

Daniel Kawecki j oined  BroadFutures as an intern in the  Sum mer of 2017, where he  interned for the American Psychologi cal Association (APA). He is 20 years old, and from Silver Springs, MD. At his internship, Daniel was able to utilize his creative skills to construct new posts for the APA I nstagram page, spreading awareness on matters like disability, bullying, and breast cancer. Daniel was also given an opportunity to expand upon his creative writing abilities, drafting an article in the APA newsletter on his time at Broa dFutures and our mission. Daniel said that he wanted to become a B roadFutures intern to learn how to share his ideas and enhanc e his decision-making, and APA helped him make great progress in ac hieving these goals. 

After his time at BroadFutures, Daniel returned to Mercyhurst University where hopes to receive a degree in English. We are so thrilled that Daniel has been hired this summer as an intern at RespectAbility where he will further be involved in advocating for people with disabilities

Daniel had this to say about his time at BroadFutures,  “BroadFut ures was an invaluable experience for my first few steps into the professional world. Above all the skills I learned, the most valuable was mindfulness. To this day, I practice it, and it has helped me grow both professionally and socially.”

Thanks, Daniel! Good luck in your new position!!
Recruiting interns and employer partners!

We are already accepting and processing applications for our Winter 2019 program.

If yo u are interested in applying for our Winter 2019 Program,  
please do so  HERE
If you are interested in becoming an employer partner, we are actively recruiting new employers. Please find out more  HERE .


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